RCA Final Show

I am busy preparing for our final show here at the RCA. There is still much to be done, but it is looking really exciting and promises to be a great show. I will be showing with the Jewellery and Metal department in the brand new Woo Building, Battersea from 25th June until 5th July. 


I have just found out I will be teaching a workshop at Sheffield Hallam University in February 2015 on the BA course. It will be focusing on a series of research walks and how to document and order research. I think it will be really helpful and hopefully provide a springboard for lots of new ideas for the students and myself.

New Blog!

I am currently studying at the Royal College of Art on the Jewellery and Metal MA. I will use this blog to talk about my process and research through my final year. I am currently undergoing material research into textures and surfaces, focusing on the breaking down and building up of materials. Deconstruction and construction. Objects changing over time.